You are invited to my 68th birthday party:

The Celebration by Burning Karma.
In English, on October 11th 2021 (We also have a Dutch Replay available.)
Are you in? Will you come to celebrate with me?

I hope you will come to build this new energy with me and all those who already said yes to this invitation. We want you to be prepared therefore, I have created a 20-minute audio that I wish with all my heart you would listen to as many times as you can before the celebration of my 68th birthday. Bring as many friends as you can, I am counting on you! (after you register, we will send you the 20-minute preparation audio.)

Starting LIVE at 18hrs CET, on Zoom (for the first 99 attendees) 

And, if you end up in the waiting room, you can still catch us on our Facebook page at the scheduled time. We’ll send you the link when you register!
🎙 Here’s what we will do during our 3-hour call:
  •  I will explain the procedure of burning karma, the specific way of breathing and what to do with the reactions in your body
  • ​Open hearts: We will start with bringing up all the karma we are dealing with and opening our hearts to burn the karma for everybody on this planet, even those who are contributing to all the negative energy around us.
  • We will set the intention to burn as much karma as we can. We will set the intention to unite our powers with the light-beings assisting us to make the shift to Aquarius and break the karmic chain of suffering created by the patriarchal hierarchy that suppressed the women because they were scared of their intuition and magical powers of healing and finding the truth.
  • Om Na Karma Burning Breath: this is fast-paced breathing that lasts a minimum of 20 minutes. During this time people can experience past lives, out of body experiences and see images of their history of karmic deeds.
  • ​Quantum vibrations: after breathing, all the cells of the body are vibrating, and it is such a wonderful feeling of being alive.
  • ​Quantum Jump to the best future: guided by me, you will make a quantum jump to a future where all your dreams have manifested, and you will connect with that vision.
👍 Invite your friends? Here is how it works
It's really simple. You have received a unique link (see above). Just send this link to everybody you know or share it on your social media platforms. 

If someone visits this page you'll get 1 point. When they register for the workshop, YOU WILL GET 5 POINTS!

When you have 75 points in total, we will give you access to the first reward. The more you share, the more rewards you get. The winner (with the most points) will be rewarded with a 30-minute PRIVATE CONSULTATION with Drs. Roy Martina. 
Bigger numbers, bigger powers
We need as many people as we can get to create the most power to burn the most karma that we can burn.
We invite you to invite friends to this event, to share the videos and most of all to be sure they show up: send them a WhatsApp or call them to come to this event; it may be one of the most important things we can do to help maneuver the world to better energy. Because then, we can quantum jump to Aquarius for the ascension that awaits us.
If you share this free event with your networks and bring people into the celebration, we have special gifts for you! When you sign up, you will get more information about this opportunity.. 
🎁 Here are the rewards for sharing
1# 'Channel Your Heart' Meditation (75 points)
(Value 199,- EURO)
Connect to Self Love Audio

Download this power break meditation to connect to the power of your heart and turn on your light.

Created By Brain Training Expert Dr. Joy Martina.
2# Quantum Extra Sensory Perception Masterclass (500 points)
(Value 499,- EURO)
During this 100-day Masterclass, you will be trained to activate your pineal gland (the sender and receiver antenna) and to connect to the 5-Dimensional field of information and your Higher Self.

You will be trained in special techniques to stimulate the sensory parts of the brain that are connected to your 5 senses in the 3-Dimensional reality we live in. We will do this by harnessing the combination of your imagination and the wealth of information you will receive from the 5-Dimensional information field.
3# Strategy Session (WINNER - most points)
(Value 1000,- EURO)
This is something that we never give away before. But because we feel that health is so important and we want to share this with more people, we decided to do this. 

When you will have the most points (at least 525), we will invite you for a private consultation or strategy session for 30 minutes on Skype or Zoom with Drs Roy Martina.
So, start sharing your unique link TODAY and we will see you soon at the birthday party workshop.
In English on October 4th 2021 and in Dutch on October 5th 2021.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail:
This Online 'Karma Burning' 
Birthday Party is hosted by:

Dr. Roy Martina,
Holistic Medical Doctor

After helping, guiding, coaching and consulting more than 457.000 of his patients and clients, he developed the secret path to Optimal Health

Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned holistic medical doctor with 40 years experience, a prolific bestselling author (88 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. 

One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance which has been translated into 9 languages. (Hay-House).
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