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Coronavirus Panic
or Prevention?
How do you best prepare for a virus epidemic? - Healing & Prevention using frequencies, mental strength, visualization, homeopathy, detoxification and Quantum Interactive Training.
Roy Martina, Holistic doctor & Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist
Are you prepared for the Coronavirus?
It's only a matter of time. The motivation to do this came on the day panic broke out in Italy and we will most likely have to cancel our workshop there. This has happened before in China and we have helped thousands of Chinese to be more resistant to the panic and epidemic of this infamous virus.
My work in China
Three times a year I spend 2 weeks in China to train doctors, therapists, etc. in my Omega Health Coaching method based on my 40 years of experience in holistic medicine. When the epidemic broke out, I knew I had to cancel my trip in April and we immediately came into action and instructed my trainers there how to train the people who know us and their acquaintances to prepare for what was to come. 

We have also sent special devices that work on frequency therapy ('Healy') and made special guided meditations with special frequencies to increase the interferon (an antivirus substance that your body can make against viral inflammation) level in the body. The people we have out there have recovered faster than the others, and none of them has become seriously ill. 

Of course, this is not proof that we can give a 100% guarantee, but what would you rather do: do nothing, do a little or get fully informed about the best methods to protect yourself and your family, or at least prepare them?
It won't happen to me or better prepared and that it never happens?
Ostrich policy is useful as long as something happens far away from your home or country. You can also be nonchalant and hope it's all right! Let's face it, your chances of survival are pretty good. The Chinese say that mortality is between 2 and 4%, it wouldn't be worse than a flu! 

Is that true? 

First and foremost, one of the most advanced Virology laboratories (specialized in bio-warfare, or biological weapons) is stationed in China where the epidemic started (Wuhan). The probability of this being a laboratory virus is over 95%. This isn't the flu and it's not from bats. That's all bullshit. 

There is a lot of nonsense in the media but that doesn't matter, the virus will continue to spread steadily and quite a few people will die before it is eradicated. Then comes the hype of vaccinations of which nobody knows what the side effects are until a few years later, I wouldn't wait for that.
The new strain of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, causes symptoms that may start as a cold and eventually end up developing into pneumonia

It can be transmitted from person to person through coughing and sneezing, which increases the risk of it being passed on.

Chinese health authorities also said it can spread before symptoms show up and its incubation period can range from 1 to 14 days.

The World Health Organization called the outbreak an emergency for China, but stopped short of designating it a global emergency. Now this is changing fast!

Pandemic has begun
Cases have been reported in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.

I pray every day that this virus will be conquered quickly, but in the meantime I have taken measures for my family and relatives and we are preparing preventively for what might come. 

What I have learned about viral infection, I would like to condense to 2 intense days to prepare, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what could happen if a pandemic breaks out and that chance is now almost 90%.
What are we going to do?
part One: Mind & Body
  • Breathing exercises. 
  • ​Detoxification cures, to prepare your body optimally. 
  • Also advice on what not to eat for the time being to bring your body from acid pH to alkaline.
  • ​What vitamins and minerals are recommended. 
  • ​Which herbs are best.
  • ​How to work with intentions.
  • ​Which acupressure points to use to stimulate your immune system.
extra Lecture: Homeopathy and Isopathy.
  • Homeopathic remedies you should have.
  • ​How to turn your own blood into a drug (isopathy).
  • Also how you do that from mucus from the lungs.
  • What you're going to do first. 
  • ​Which you shouldn't do in homeopathy. 
  • ​What initial exacerbations are and how you deal with them
  • ​What dilutions to use.
part Two: Emotions & Intentions & Quantum Jumping
This day we will work to take away fear and panic when you get sick and learn to focus on getting healthy and recovering. You will learn all kinds of techniques for this and you will also learn how to deal with your deepest fears. You'll get the guided meditations.
How do you prepare the
best for a virus epidemic?
By learning preventative measures to make your immune system extremely strong in this unique workshop.
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Extra Bonus for all participants
The moment you register, we will give you a guided meditation in English with special frequencies (even if you don't understand English, it works because it's about auditory vibrations in the sound that creates a bio-resonance effect in your body; it's about the vibrations and not just what is said).
Plus, I'm going to work on a list of all homeopathic remedies, herbs and vitamins. That list will be sent to you as soon as it's finished and you're registered.

What if I don't want to wait to order the Healy?
In case you want to go all out, we advise you to order the Healy and we will advise you which programs you need to have to be able to best resist this coronavirus attack. Please note that the minimum investment for the cheapest Healy's is between €550,- and €1.000,- and can go up to €3.000,- for the most advanced version that can also measure your body and give advice what's best. Recommended for anyone with health problems. We have an expert team ready to give you advice. 

We will train you to get the best out of the Healy, even long after the Corona virus is extinguished, because it is a device you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Then send an email to with the following reference: I want a Healy! Then we'll send you preliminary information and someone will contact you.

Bonus you will receive all audio meditations within a week after the course.

Additional Condition, deviating from the General Terms and Conditions:

Cancellation of physical participation for whatever reason, including illness, car breakdown, thunderstorm, etc., in a Quantum Multiversity seminar means automatic conversion to a livestream participation of the relevant workshop. The link for the live stream remains valid for 3 months.

Unfortunately, participation cannot be postponed to the next seminar and reimbursement is also not possible. You can have someone else take part in your place.
Language English/Dutch
About Drs. Roy Martina?
Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned European holistic medical doctor, a profilic bestselling author (85 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance (Hay-House).

He has worked and taught workshops with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Masaro Emoto and many others. He has developed many new holistic therapies such as Omega Healing and Remote Chi (Distance Healing). He has developed over a 1000 natural remedies sold in USA, China and Europe.

He has been a Holistic Doctor for 40 years and has taught over 250,000 therapists, doctors, managers and laypersons his techniques; millions of his 84 books have been sold. Keynote Speaker: He is a world-renowned keynote speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, and lectures throughout Europe, South and North America, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, China and the Caribbean.
Drs. Roy Martina, Holistic doctor, Quantum Mysticus
About Dr. Joy Martina
Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist and a Channeler of Christallin Consciousness specializes in High-Level Intuitive Intelligence Training for entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities. She is a Bestselling Author, the Creator of the Christallin Oracle Training (a training to develop mastery over our innate psychic abilities), a Master Hypnotist and Trainer of Trainers.

Her new book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life” gives everyone the education and insight the was formally given only to masters. Dr. Joy believes that everyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their experience of life.

She is passionate about helping people strengthen their intuition, access their internal intelligence and use more of their potential to create the life of their dreams. She adores guiding people out of their stuck states and inspiring them to enjoy life.  
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Everyone who is ready to make a quantum leap in their personal development. For anyone who is an entrepreneur, coach, therapist or trainer.
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