This well-known Holistic Medical Doctor -with more than 42 years of experience-
will uncover the true facts (and fables) about true optimal health and vitality


“How You Can Finally Take FULL Control over your own HEALTH within 30 days or less.”

After helping, guiding, coaching and consulting more than 457.000 of
his patients and clients, he developed the secret path to Optimal Health

(Only the 6000 years old Chinese scriptures describe a part of this process, but 
he even optimised these concepts with technology, now finally available for ALL OF US

Everybody is searching for the answer that will unlock the true power of our bodies, so we can stay fit, healthy and vibrant as long as we possibly can. 
Aren't you?
There are, unfortunately, a lot of misconceptions 
about optimising our health and to staying healthy. 
How many times didn’t you hear a story of a person that was supposedly healthy and all of the sudden were diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer?

Wouldn’t you want to know why and prevent that as best as possible?
FACT: 93.2% of the population believe every word that their doctor is telling them or what they read online about improving their health, without fact-checking.
But what if 96% of the doctors or the information that you read is
Have you ever believed in something, just to find out shortly later 
that the reality is not what you think it is… 

...or suddenly what was good yesterday is bad now or vice versa?
We all believed in fairy tales and miracles when we were a child, didn’t we?
Didn’t a large part of the world population believed that the earth was flat,
just two hundred years ago? (Don’t laugh some people still believe)
So, what makes you think that your doctor or the stories about health that you read online are all really true? Can you be absolutely sure that they are? Don't you think doctors are humans and make mistakes too?
Of course, they do. 
Sorry, this rant is not to discard the good intentions of his colleagues in any form whatsoever, but Dr Roy Martina really wants to open your eyes, right now and FOREVER! 
So, you can see what has been hidden in front of you for years.


(In the End you are responsible for your health)

A dream was destroyed!

Almost 42 years ago he got the insight that he was NOT helping his patients to prevent illnesses and diseases, but instead, he was treating the symptoms. He was being paid to write descriptions for the pharmaceutical industry. (more about this scam in this free webinar) 

The reason why he became a doctor was destroyed!
Although he could earn a fortune doing that, he really intuitively did NOT feel good about continuing on that path ‘There has to be another way.’ he thought. So, this frustration triggered him to spend 40 years of his life researching the question:


For more than 6000 years acupuncture has been used to successfully treat multiple illnesses and diseases, but it’s still not integrated into mainstream healthcare. 

Although there is scientific proof that our bodies are predominantly ENERGY, there really are meridians (channels of energy) flowing through our bodies (this has been known to several cultures for thousands of years!), yet despite scientific proof these methods are not accepted by western medicine. You will find out the reasons why!
Beyond his research, he discovered even more...
Dr Roy Martina (although his medical colleagues proclaimed his methods ‘Non-Scientific’) cured thousands of people with severe chronic diseases and even helped more than 60.000 Chinese residents to stay safe (without a COVID-19 infection) during the corona crisis in China. 
So, is this a coincidence or pure luck? Is this the reason why his videos about this subject are banned because it doesn't fit the narrative of the mainstream media, the W.H.O. and the controlling elite? 
Did you even know he wrote more than 88 books about these subjects?
Who the F#%K really cares?
NOW, this the time to open your eyes, not close them and think that everything will be alright, and our lives will go back to a new normal. 
This is not the time to act like a sheep and just take a pill 
or a vaccine to cure the pain or dis-ease that you feel. 
Dr. Roy Martina wants you to actively 
engage and be responsible for your own health and take it to the most Optimal Level!
Here is a hint: we are energy and energy is a range of FREQUENCIES! 
If we are able to control our energy or frequency, we will be UNSTOPPABLE! 
And this is exactly what the elite or the Illuminati doesn't want you to know.
But at the same time, they want you to lower your energy level, 
so that FEAR can take control of you. Then they take over!
Please don’t go down that path. You know it’s WRONG! 
There is another way... 


There are 3 secrets about health that Dr. Martina wants to present to you in this webinar presentation. These 3 simple secrets will give you an opportunity to choose your own path, your own health ‘STATUS UPDATE’. (Every Single Day!)
Yes, a lot of people are now more and more aware of how to boost their immune system because of the corona situation for the past few months. They know which Vitamins to use, which aroma-oils kill viruses, etc.
But he wants to take you beyond that right NOW… (it’s the post-COVID time)
What he wants to share with you is far more valuable than just BOOSTING your immune system temporarily, it’s about taking control of your health ‘DYNAMICS’.
What Dr. Roy Martina has seen in the past few months makes him absolutely angry, sick to the stomach and sad at the same time. And that’s WHY he decided to lock himself in a room for a few weeks in Austria, to make this presentation just for you, so you will learn every IMPORTANT FACT there is to know about what to do to really live the rest of your life with OPTIMAL HEALTH.
And that’s not all, he sent a survey to his complete client list and more than 2853 of his clients answered all the questions within 24 hours, the results will surprise you. And it's not what you think! (He will share the results in this presentation)
This is THE MOMENT to take full control of your health for the rest of your life. If you think your vitality and the health of your loved ones is important, then you will subscribe to this exclusive webinar presentation today.
We hope that you will understand the importance of this information and that you will join Dr Roy Martina (again) on this exclusive FIRST-TIME webinar presentation.


You have an average of only about 900 months, from birth, on this earth to really fulfil your dream desire, so you better start today by being the best that you can be.
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Dr. Roy Martina,
Holistic Medical Doctor

Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned holistic medical doctor with 40 years experience, a prolific bestselling author (88 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. 

One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance which has been translated into 9 languages. (Hay-House).
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